Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lottery Daydreams & A New Redhead?

 Congratulations to the winners of MY MEGA MILLION JACKPOT! Ahuh... Washington and Idaho's turn. BUT.. A lucky man here in my City won 200K! (yes I wrote down the stores address!)
For me? Well, I LOVE to go into the store to check my ticket in the little machine to see the magic words pop up that say, "YOU"RE A WINNER! The trouble is, its usually a short lived HIGH. This time I saw it, I felt it, and I won 2 big bucks. So I rolled it over to Fridays draw for 12 million! I can live with that too! I'm SO not greedy you know. I'm certain the Smurf house is under 12 Million right? Of course right. In the meantime, I still have a few bucks on Super Lotto too so it can sneak up on me for a surprise:) Ah California Lottery:::sigh::: What a fun distraction you are.
Did you like the Pozole? Did you MAKE some? I think today I will be quilting while making a huge pot of Marinara sauce to put up. I get this great sausage on the coast ( sweet italian) and blend it with hamburger for a mighty good start to pasta sauce! I think I need to go pick up more containers, they seem to disappear at an alarming rate. I called the Karebear and told her to come get some and bring her own bowl, and bring mine back too! Did she do it? No.......grunt. I have a huge list to get to so I will bid you all a great day!
---------------------------------THIS JUST IN------------------------------------------------
My BLONDE Dear Daughter is now a redhead??? I love it! Hey, she really resembles her Mama now with dark hair! LOL
 Nice Do Karen:)

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