Saturday, January 8, 2011

Country Strong Review NO Stars Here

What do you get when you mix EVERY wierd sterotypical thing about country western genre that you have ever heard of and mix it with a super good cast of characters?

Oh Dear blog readers, believe me, if you are a CW "disliker", and joke about these sterotypes, you are about to be justified!!! All of them are present here except Mama, and YER DAWG! Yep yep yep.. even the train!
Now I gotta tell you that I am a long time "liker"of SOME CW music. I was country WAY back when, and then I decided that the whining slobbering sob stories needed to stop! I still enjoy some, but for the most part, I can leave it. Afterall, I have enough of a dang soap opera right here, I dont need to get a crying towel out to wallow in it with a brewski..
I'm so disappointed for Gwenyth Paltrow because she REALLY can sing! Tim McGraw, please keep singing instead of this K? The new cute kids... I wish you well and hope this didnt ruin your careers.Hey can you tell that I didnt enjoy this film at all? My poor Sis and I just cringed for 2 hours while stuffing popcorn in our pie holes rapidly as not to trash the movie aloud in public! Heres the bad news.. We were supposed to see True Grit!!!
To be fair, Jackie, 17 year old neice.. enjoyed the film. Her go to Genre is the likes of USHER... sooooooooo


Rian said...

I am a jazz and acid rock fan from way back. I always hated CW music. But the new country is really appealing, I have several albums and I enjoy them very much. Go figure. PS, I am also a fan of Usher. He's a great artist and a really great guy.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy Usher too.. and SOME of the new CW. I have such a wide variety of tastes in music even I DONT KNOW WHO I AM! LOL

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