Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Thursday Morning.. Keyword: HAPPY

"Become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid."
– Lady Bird Johnson

Sometimes ya just wish the qoute of the day would take hold!

I pushed go too soon! lol Wake up Woman, right? I feel ditzy this morning.. I made this long list then started sweating it... so I decided to get dressed instead. I put on this top and cords, looked in the mirror and saw a frog. Yep.. a frog. My Ma in the mirror me thinks. She would always see this whilst wearing green. I quickly changed while laughing. I instead went for the GREY look.. look of the year over here... Jamie's grey sweats always make me feel "homey".. now where's he at..sigh... I suppose he lives with Christmas... in the ole` heart...CLIC

I am expecting a friend this evening! We will sew and yak and hot tub and eat. Its a plan. Notice I DID NOT SAY DRINK NUFFIN. I have a pot of Hamhocks N Beans on. I have no flippin idea if she even likes this? LOL No worries.. I have a Nummy Pasta sauce, and my tortellini zoupa too! ( indecision is my middle name these days eh?) I seriously need a FAT Costco run. Wouldnt it fun just one time to have like a Costco Visa with no limit? Wow, I just had a rush....
I decided one thing for sure. Friends are a wonderful shot in the arm ( heart). I think my next Pandora charm may be a heart.. Just a reminder:)
Time to go blast some P!NK and quilt some birds!
Love yer guts!

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