Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Debate Team & TaT

"Hope is not a dream, but a way of making dreams become reality."
 Cardinal Leon Joseph Suenens

TaT= tell all Tuesdays, write it down:)

I wanted to discuss this week ends horrid happenings, (not to be confused with my stitch pal, mind u)  however Mr Wizard had a different adgenda.In an effort to calm the voices in Sybils head, he played with the dry erase board for visual aid today. I'm not certain that I would be good on a debate team arguing my point. Or anyone elses. I can site my good ole stand by. My head KNOWS the truths, my HEART refuses to listen. To help to turn down the volume, since we cant seem to shut my head the hell up....we did this.

Defend this statement:

I can effectively and successfully operate a winery.

 you have no education in this field
G: I have 35 years plus in the hospitality industry, it can be adapted into a winery
you have no capital
G: I can enlist investors to increase working capital
but you love to quilt not make wine
G: I will diversify to include my art
you're getting older
G: the older the vine, the sweeter the grape?

This of course is all very hypothetical, I am illustrating the technique. Will it work? I have no idea, but its homework. At any rate, as usual, Mr Wizard has planted a seed, given a tool to ponder. Done. I'm on it. 
Next week, it will be reversed.
I cannot successfully run a winery..... I shall be defending THAT statement. (not really, but its far too personal for TaT)
Maybe when I grow up... I will be a Wizardess!


Anonymous said...

Hey G I have lots of grad school books for you to become a Wizardess! I think I'm gonna get me a wizardess wand. Now, that sounds like fun.

The thing about grad school to become a wizardess makes you think about all the crap your studying and how it may or may not apply to your life.

Karen A.

Anonymous said...

So true Karen! I think I'll be getting me a wand too! You know , to go with my shattered world ball! LOL

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