Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Sorry Means

Expressing or inclined to express an apology
Feeling or expressing regret for one's sins or misdeed.

Whats it mean to you? For me, it means, "I didnt mean to do that, and I damn sure that I won't do it again.

It shouldnt happen again, should it? Sometimes it does.

Today I leaned about the F2F Study. (fight 2 fun:::wink:::) Its research on the good times outweighing the bad and vice versa. What ratio it takes to repair erosion's. How the ratio can fluctuate due to I'm sorrys gone bad. Seriously interesting stuff. I have homework, of course. I shall call it, working on wording...lol Power, pleasure, pain..... Heather would just love it.

I feel like making some soup.. maybe Pozole. You peoples like Pozole? I will type it out if I make it ok? Also.. I think a big batch of sauce to freeze for pastas.. I have no idea why I keep cooking.. maybe its like my boiling eggs.. Just gotta bang some cupboards and create. Speaking of creating, I think my stitch n bitchers need to kick my butt into creating in the correct room! I have come to a point where there is so much that needs my attention that its much like racing thoughts... racing things!

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Mama Pea said...

Never had it and interested in seeing the recipe! thanks!

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