Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Tsunami Of Something

"Ruin and recovering are both from within."
Something to do, someone to love, something to believe in and something to hope for. Something please, just not grief, loss and all those other dirty words. Those Tsunamis's I have had my fill of. Bring on the good stuff. PLEASE.
( just another popcorn prayer?)
You missed me right? I've missed you too. No writing ( or quilting) SUCKS. It's official, I have a studio. Its official, I am down to 5 boxes left to deal with in the house. Thank goodness for Craigs list for removing hundreds of boxes for me. I must admit, I have NEVER unloaded ALL the boxes my self before, and I dont ever wish to do it again. There are many "firsts" going on, most of which are distasteful, but I'll live. U bet yer sweet ass I will. Oh Dear... CLIC
My kids Dad is very ill and Jake has come from Idaho to join the family. A simple operation has become a horrid journey and sadly Jim is still in the hospital with no diagnosis/prognosis. Please include him in your prayers:) When it rains right? Cannot even believe this life as of late. Not the new normal one would hope for eh? Perpetual crisis, perpetual loss, if it doesnt turn soon I will be older than dirt and reflect that. My new shrink calls me "tangled" I have been pondering this all week. I will push him for more next visit.
For now, Imma go talk myself into quilting and not thinking about all the damn loss going on round here. One more cuppa and I'll be on my feet.


Fabric Fanatic said...

Hey girlfriend, one foot in front of the second at a time...this too shall pass. I'm with you in spirit and know that you're already all right.

Rian said...

You should write a book, Gina. Title it "Unbelievable." Let me know when you figure out what "tangled" means. It's an intriguing term to say the least. Maybe that would be a good title for the book.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...wondering what "tangled" means? Please let us know when you find out! Maybe I am tangled too??!! LOL It is good to hear you are to make the place due time! I unpacked all by myself in my last move...I swore then never again..but who else would do it for me? Keep smilin' darlin!!!

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