Saturday, November 20, 2010


"You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you."
Joseph Joubert

G'morning. Hey I was thinking... I bet you never thought when you signed onto this blog that it would be AS THE STOMACH TURNS! ::::did ya?:::: It seems as if I come in now... instead of being the happy ass quilter of yesteryear, I sign on and STARE at a screen self talking positive optomistic things so that I do not write too sadly. Try as I may, the shit storm keeps coming eh? I kick it out, it just keeps coming back! grunt. So I ponder this today......How did Journey To A Harvest Moon become a soap opera?
Jim is no better as of yet. My daughter is on the case, and very afraid for his future. It is just devastating to see this unfold. At 57 years old, this should never have happened. I am finding it hard to believe actually. I have prayer requests everywhere that I know. Honestly? I had the same requests out for my Munz, and yet? Not in our control huh? I know... No promise for tomorrow, love while we can.....CLIC
I had a warm fuzzy today! yep.. inbetween the tears, fears, and pissed off-edness... Today was Aviana's Thanksgiving play. She and her Kindergarten class were turkeys, pilgrims, Indians and what a tickle this was. One whole hour of grins and giggles. She did very well with her turkey part and songs. while wiggling her first loose tooth and telling everyoe to SHOOSH... I suppose through her eyes life is sweet. I'm glad about that. I will go upload u a pic or 2... BRB

I didnt get to sleep until 3 AM this morning. The rain was very heavy and LOUD, and being alone is a serious bitch. ::sorry:: No matter, I hung some pictures, drank coffee, watched another 4 or 5 episodes of THE NANNY and moved furniture AGAIN.. ( its what I do). I wish Ginger could talk. She just looks at me pitifully like, "can we go snuggle yet Ma?" I am sure one day I will get it all the way I like it in here, then move it all again. I think maybe its unsettling because its all Rental White? YUK! I need color in here!! GEEZ. Oh! And I need a stud finder. This whole knocking on walls only to be WRONG is just ridiculous!:::pondering stud finder::: Hmmmmm
On that note.. I'm up.. going to see my Sis and family today. While there is a break in the storm. I hope its not snowing up there! I need to get out and change my channels before I spontaniously combust. Stay tuned! LOL:::and she laughs at herself:::


Lindah said...

3am Yikes! I've pulled a few of those. Frustrating. Enjoy your day with your sister! It's good for the body and soul to get away.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time out!!! Avi looks adorable in her costume!!! Isn't Rudy talking to you these days? I am having sleep problems too...hang in there! Instead of moving furniture I sit on FB all night and keep hitting home to see if anyone else is still awake too!!! LOL...this too shall pass!!

Anonymous said...

Gina, maybe consider picking up some "monkey hooks" from Home Depot...they are used in drywall anywhere BUT into a stud and they can hold a lot of weight You may remember Billy Mayes advertising them...they really work great and only leave a tiny hole in the drywall.....sure made my life a lot easier.

Jill from Texas

Mama Pea said...

Hey, when you find a stud, send him my way.

Oh, wait a meant another kind of stud. Sorry.

Hope your days get happy soon! Take good care.

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