Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Looking For The Good

"Accept challenges so that you will feel the exhilaration of victory"

George Patton

November 3 and still 79 degrees today?
Trees absolutley everywhere in brilliant colors?
The tower that fell over my head and slammed my collarbone is only particul board? ( not sure if its broken, icing it now, waiting for the nurse to come see)
geez I'm thinking...............
I've got internet? K, good....
I have a good support system?
Take off all of those question marks. I will be okay someday. AGAIN.
PS: Thats my back patio of the condo.. It's my view while quilting, when I ever get to quilt that is. This tree is just beginning to turn. I think I have missed seasonal changes eh?Put it on the list. But I miss my home and I'm pissed.


marilyn said...

Oh you poor kid, hope that it't not broken
and just bruised. Be sure to follow the
nurses orders. Your view looks so
beautiful with all of the trees. Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marilyn.. Its looking pretty ugly so tomorrow I am going for an xray. It hurts so much its masking the internal pain! yay! me!

Miss Jean said...

I'm off on a quilt retreat tomorrow. When I get back I'll email and take you out to lunch. You need a break, pardon the pun!!

Sharyn said...

Gina - for those of us Southerners, please explain where you were, where you are now (and when you lived there before) and the family you have around you now (support system). So glad your move is over - personally I intend to die in this house and leave our poor son and his wife to get rid of everything! I think of you often and hope you find the peace and happiness you deserve.

Sharyn in GA

Rian said...

Argh! Just what you need. I hope it's not broken.

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