Monday, November 8, 2010

M & M's Over Here

If five shop samples wont get ya back to quilting, not much will?
Mornin`. She's alibe. Barely, but she is. I am still quite sore but getting through it. ( with a hell of a lot of wine) Which btw, doesnt do much for weight loss. Just saying? Its ok, I'm really not eating well so its all in balance.. lol. I forced myself to eat a little salad last night.. I find it quite strange to say the least to not be cooking for anyone. I met my next door neighbor and I STILL have this urge to go in there and bake stuff? No worries, urge passed.
The shop and house is coming along VERY slowly and I suppose its just me with the urgency to be done. I cant stand this mess at all. I truly have no flippin idea where all this stuff is going to go. I downsized quite a bit. I seem to live in a perpetual nightmare no matter how happy I try to be. ( act). Never the less, i forge on. No choice? I mean whats the alternative? ( dont answer that).
Last night I found my parrot prayer keeper and all of its beak holdings. I read all of the past prayers and "remembered". I also remebered something A friend said last evening. Ask, Believe, Recieve. It made me smile to think about life before life left. I must find things. I must.
On that note, I shall go and find some paper and make a list! ( no clipboards found yet). I am gonna go make it it a mahvelous Monday inspite of it all. ( film at 11:00)
Thanks to all for the thoughtful prayers, emails and even the silly jokes.
Love yer guts:)

M & M's include:

Aviana's artwork alllllll over the lil house:)
finding my parrot prayers
speakers on!
A home for my passion
really good Menudo down the street!

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Mama Pea said...

Sounds like you are getting settled! This too shall pass! :-)

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