Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Coffee

"There ain't nothing from the outside can lick any of us."
Margaret Mitchell

I see how little I've been writing eh? I sorry. Its really because I just run out of spoons really fast these days. (to be honest, somedays I have none to trade with at all!) I am seriously trying though, so dont give up on me.
Last evening I think I used all of my spoons either tending to the grands, or at the hospital. Jim isnt any better (day 4) but theres nothing faith can't do. His MRI has shown 20 plus fat embulisms (strokes) to the top part of his brain. The part that makes a person.... a person. The doctors say that he will need rehab for everything. They also say that its one in 300,000 that this would happen. I , of course, have an eyebrow up and will investigate further. While I pray, u bet. The kids are hanging in there trying to be strong too but the fear on thier faces just kills me.Please dear God not another tradgedy can we bare.
Needless to say, Thanksgiving plans are made by no one? I know.. wierd but true. For me personally, I am just plain ole confused with all the flippin loss going on around.. I miss so many things, but patiently waiting for time to pass, time to heal... ok miracles to happen.
Have you guys seen that TARGET commercial with the crazy excercising shopper gearing up for the 4 AM sale? One of the few tickles I get.. work with me people. Ah... shopping...I miss that too.
On the quilting front, things are moving slow but sure. I have a top locked and loaded and Im doing the ole stand n stare at it. I will win, no worries. My friend Linda has scored a boatload of thread for me and I cannot wait to get it! A REAL happy note in an otherwise tomoltous time. Thank you Angel.. I mean Linda.. I mean Angel:)
Happy Friday Dear Blog Readers:)

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