Monday, November 22, 2010

Look! M & M's!!! (she lives...who knew?)

"Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control. These three alone lead to sovereign power."
Alfred Tennyson
Mornin'.. Its so flipping cold here!!!!!!!!!!!! ( just had to yell it.) I think it will be worse when I yell about heat, stay tuned. Really, they said 29 degrees on Thanksgiving! WOW.. Well, I havent seen- felt that in 5 years me thinks. Brrrrrrr I have a nice house warming patio plant thats gonna freeze herself to death out there! I DO NOT want to see the PGE bill coming for sure! I have 2 fireplaces in here, scared to try em? I think I need a chimney checker outer. Hey! Which leads me to a new business... Is there such a thing as Hire Out Your Hubby Business? Yeh... why not? Ok, ok.. I have a lot to do, lets move on...grunt.
Thanks be only to God, doctors, and prayer warriers everywhere, Jim has had a turn for the good! He speaks!! Thanks care angels:) I hope today brings even further progress. Film at 11:00.
I braved the week end rain with my Sis for a belated birthday celebration. It was SO NICE to change my channels and actually enjoy the evening. We dined at Mcormick & Schminks Seafood Restaurant and I had the most fantastic stuffed Salmon ever! It made me realize that I missed Sacramento dining... I cant wait for Mortens or Biba's!!! Then we saw Russell Crowe new movie, The Next 3 Days. A thinker, a looker, a good movie:) The best line in the movie... when he said to his wife..."THIS will NOT be your life!!"..... Swoon..... Talk about devotion! WOW
I am glad I went and rested my aching heart. I think I will go see it again! In fact... I need a fellow movie goer buddy.. I love it, I MISS it, and I want it back. Any takers? I TOLD Karen to reserve a date for me to see Burlesque... it opens Wednesday!!!
OK, I am now late.... Good coffee, good chat... Imma go find a clipboard and make it a great day...
M & M's include:
Aviana , nuff said.
A night out to change the channels in my bwain
Sarah Mcglaucans song... "Forgiveness" i want the new CD!
Caring Friends. Sigh...
Ginger's caring company


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear you had a great weekend! I am a huge movie buff as well. It is nice to escape into another world for a while! It is 70 degrees here today..unheard of at this time of year!! I would rather have some snow than these tornado warnings! UGH!! In the world of Becky alot of things would be different!!! LOL..enjoy your day!!! BeckyP

Anonymous said...

Nice that you had a good escape for a while. I need to go see that movie.
Talk about weather. It is 24 here right now with 38 mph winds so that makes it feel like -4. Very cold. Supposed to have gusts to 60mph tonight.
Glad to hear that Jim is better and that he can talk----language is so important. Suzanne

shirley said...

hey...we have Rent a Hubby here in the midwest. check your phone book or online....i'll bet there is something like that out there, too. for those times you need some little thing fixed or moved. in fact, that might be the best way to have a - go home. LOL
love happy

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