Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sharing A Bit Of Romanian Love!

Geta's having a giveaway and I want to be a WIENER so I can try my hand at Shadow Trapunto:) I need it all... Show me The pattern, the quilt, the book! Sheesh! Just talk to me as if I'm 6 year old, K? Then I will "GET IT."
I have been following this amazing womans talent for some time now, and she is such an inspiration you MUST go have a peek! Unless of course, you already follow!! In that case, may the best man win!
:::Lets throw it back to Sybil, I mean G, the Innkeeper:::::

In other news.... I survived the earlier than usual breakfast today for our Bicyclers. Damn. Who can eat at 6:00 anyway??? And I volunteered this! WTH??? Maybe I did it for the tip... Hmmmm . I need a sign, " Kitchen remains closed while cook is on coffee IV". Tomorrow should be regular 8:30-10:00, and I'm doing a south of the borderish menu. Fresh tortillas, Potatoes, Salsa Eggs, and one of my favorite veggie dishes which I'm sure you wont know, cause I cant even spell it right.... I ll sound it out for ya....Kala-va-seetas. Sliced zuccini, yellow squash, onions, red peppers,tomatoes,lightly sauteed in garlic & olive oli. No Abelskivers!! Yippee!.
I must admit, I have been missing ma so when this happens I go for HOME.. which means a warm tortilla with butter, and Moms squash. I think I'll go call her, see if she needs to rip me a new one for any reason.

PS: If you havent tried those uncooked fresh tortillas at costco, Go Get Em! They look like a crepe, until you throw one on the Plata and smell it sizzle!! ::;can one smell a sizzle?::::


Geta Grama said...

Thank you so much, Gina, for your nice words and for this post!
Good luck !

Anonymous said...


Don;t you have Karen McTavish's books?????? Her newest one shows how to do shadow trapunto and includes the how to DVD.. I am sure you have it, Sorry you are having to work so darn hard.....Hugs, Ronda

Lynn Douglass said...

I always love to read about what you're cooking, and I have zucchini and yellow squash growing in my garden. Tomatoes are coming, too! All I need is the red pepper. Yummm!

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