Friday, June 26, 2009

Foodie Friday Chit Chat

And in the case of "troubled genius," which comes first, the trouble or the genius?

I dont know who said this, but sure seems brilliant to me! Good ponder food I say. ::::Edit to say.. ITS JOHN MAYER!!!:::::
The guests are about begin arriving, and I have been in the kitchen all day. Flour chips, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Granola for the week end, and Banana bread. I think its Wine flippin 30 NOW
You know where I heard that right? I would actually ENJOY that show if I could tolerate Ms Mary Murfy... MAn she bugs me! Her laugh is the epidomy of CACKLE! If only I could MUTE her, I would like the show! This is what happens to me when I go through American Idol withdrawls. Grunt.

I got yummy patterns in the mail today! Now if only I had the time to make them:::sigh:::: I am also patiently awaiting my first order of the new GLIDE thread! I tried their free sample, and I'm hooked! :::thanks Ronda woman:::: Hey, I think I have a new toy.. getting things in the mail!! I just flippin love it! I thought SENDING was all the fun, but heck no! Theres more to it! Maybe I will give QVC a shot??? I cant go anywhere so I may as well right???I wish I could order a bird online....I know, like a hole in the head right? But I think Rudy needs a friend! Hey maybe a breeder would swing by??
OK, enough of this mindless chit chat. I should go & tame the mane before company comes. ( G speak for run a brush through the horsetail) Happy Friday All Yall:)


Vicki W said...

You are just now seriuosly getting into mail order? I wouldn't own any clothes if not for mail order! I hate mall shopping but I LOVE internet shopping! I am also having AI withdrawal.

Dianah said...

So which patterns did you order. I am loving Claire. I have made 2 knot and I need to knock out another one this week. I wish I had more time to sew this pattern.

Deb said...

Good grief was wine 30 DAYS ago!

And internet shopping...I'm a pro..just ask Vicki, ROFLMAO!

You should do more of'll love it!

beth said...

Nice blog on foodie friday. Nice Blog.

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