Monday, June 22, 2009

Hold Your Monkey! M & M's

After a most exhausting week end I decided that I needed a lil retail therapy. I found this much needed tool for my 2 yr old grandson. I cant wait to send it to him! I remember Jake ( his Dad) was the ONLY child of mine who needed one, and they sure werent this cute back then! Shawn is a regular Houdini I tell ya. And I didnt stop here! I had to do a Smart & Final run... so..... why not go the distance into My first love of Pismo?
The 25th annual old car show was going on and I really enjoyed the traffic THEE only time I will say that. Beautiful cars, wow.
I hit Marshalls and found 2 pair of much needed SHOES ( nothing beats this for a happy dance) a most awesome outfit for a birthday girl O`mine coming up. I love those Apple Bottom clothes! I looked everywhere for a new satin blankie for lil Jamie as she has worn holes through her Uncles. I didnt find, so I guess I have to make one... or someone does right? ( add to the list). I guess its summer here because I even have check ins on a Monday! I was up at 6:00 this morning wheeling trash out, documenting a fax, CHUGGING coffee and making my usual to do lists. GRUNT. I dont know that I have the stamina for this . I dont think I have EVER worked so hard, much, long, in my life, and let me tell ya.. restaurant hotel work is not easy! Throw both together and ya got yourself a 24/7 tough way to go.All I really need is Martha Stewarts STAFF! I should stop whining and hit the list. I should be thankful, I have a staff of 1. which brings me to...............
M & M's!
Thank God at least I have Francela! (upstairs room flipper)
and Marshalls ( I always say that huh?)
Ginger security system. I sleep with a hammer, a long fire starter, and
For beautiful, happy healthy Grands.
A paid off car loan WOOHOO, I get giddy about this daily!
Fresh flowers in this house daily.... I love this.
My Blackberry, I need tutorials!!


Vicki W said...

Have you seen that I named one of my fabric packs for you? LOL!

Gina said...

.... THATS awesome:)

The Sarah Bear said...

Hold your Monkey reminds me of SHAKE ME LIKE A MONKEY - which is on the NEW Dave Mathhews album - which I bought - which I must be sure to get you a copy! :) That naught Dave :)

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