Friday, June 12, 2009

Big Girl Panties

Why is it that all roads of wisedom lead here? To this. It doesnt matter what it is either. My brain always says "here's what you do G".
Stinks. It stinks because sometimes I just dont WANT to. I'm tired of it. If God wont give me anymore than I can handle all I gotta say is" NOW?, How about NOW?" Oh I know I know... time. PPfft.
I suppose I'm just overwhelmed today right? Too much work, too much drama, and I nearly wrecked the car day dreaming about the color of my sons eyes today. On the heels of a ticket no less! So I took my blurry brown eyes to none other than the french bakery and orderd up a napoleon. Its in the fridge calling my name. I dont dare make a cuppa for fear I'll just EAT the Napoleon. grunt. Sometimes its just too hard, but whats the alternative? Yeah, I know that too. So... theres really nothing that I can do but whats depicted in the sign. I should have it tattoed on my butt.
Tomorrows another day right? It could really go either way. Happiness is a choice.
How about half a napoleon?
But ya love my guts right?
OK, on that note I will go bind a quilt. but doesnt it require a cuppa?


Roberta said...

Hah, I love the illustration!

Anonymous said...

go eat the damn napolean and be happy. smile, get fat and be happy. miss your son and be happy. eat the napolean. LOL love your guts. shirley

Vicki W said...

If you tattoo that on your own butt you won't be able to read it! Unless you tattoo it backwards and read it in the mirror.

Enjoy the napolean!

Anonymous said...

I want that sign! Where'd ya get it?
Some days are just well....SHITTY!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen A.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dear Gina....we All LYG!!
With quilted hugs,
Jill in Texas

The Sarah Bear said...

YOU'RE GETTING A TATTOO?!?! I KNEW THIS DAY WOULD COME!!! I would just re-think the butt location :)

love ya.

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