Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wine 30 is "Catchy"!

It's Always Wine 30 Somewhere!!!!

Our B & B guests love it, our friends love it, Even my blogger pals love it! Its so popular we get fabric named for it! Go over to Vicki's Etsy shop and check it out! Ok, and buy some too! LOL

I STILL need to get a framed print from our Carla. I cant tell you how it tickles our guests when they see her sloshed picnicin chicken print:) Among my favorite things in the house btw! I have emails asking to "USE" this phrase! How cool is that?
So... I just wanted to share:) I will say again and again... I am among the BEST people in the world with my quilter friends.
Love yer guts!


June said...

I love that saying. It's Always Wine 30 Somewhere!!

Dianah said...

So how many yards of Wine 30 did you buy? I really want Stargazer fatquarter set. I haven't busted enough stash yet though.

Gina said...

I bought wine 30 Tee Shirts!! LOLOL

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