Thursday, June 18, 2009

They Came Afterall!!

It was so wonderful to see them too! I havent seen these babies since Christmas! This baby Jamie, on her first birthday on Uncle Jamie keepsake comfort quilt for Nonni! ( did ya get that?) She is an angel!

A day at the beach, wind be gone! Shawn loves to Build ::read : destroy::: castles... grunt. He is a force to be reckoned with I tell ya, and such a love:)

Does this face melt you or what? And gives kisses too! H we need pictures!!!!

Look closely dear friends... This is Grismn, about to be NAILED by Sir Rudy. Ya cant say he wasnt warned? Nose to nose they are! Owwwwwww

Heres the back story.... As it turned out, Ginger came into heat. Mister Grismn has been on the case, suffering from anxiety in a big way and decided to take it out on the poor parrot. :::MISTAKE::::

I dont think Ginger & Grismn made any Schnoodles... she was pretty bitchy( no pun intended)
In the middle of it all we still entertained Pickford guests and the kids helped me with many, MANY chores. Damned appreciated too.Also, Stephanie tried her hand at fashion design and made Jamie a dress, while I actually completed one quilt and loaded abother! SHOCK!! We did stay up very very late to do this. AND I WANNA DO IT AGAIN! It has occured to me that when I have a pacer, governor, studio buddy, I can accomplish plenty in there. Wierd because its really never been that way before. I shall ponder this. While I am preparing for the Fathers day craziness. I need a good man food menu... steak N eggs? I'm on it!


Dianah said...

I am so glad they made it down to see you! I would love to see a whole picture of the comfort quilt, I have only seen it in pieces.

marilyn said...

Nice to see that your family came , I know it
meant the world to you.


Carol said...

Love the pictures of those babies! They are delicious!

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