Saturday, June 13, 2009

Love Speak

I hear it all here and find it quite fascinating. Just being observant, not too nosey.
We have Mother daughter love speak. ( with adoration)" Oh honey you know you're so good at that everyone loves it".
Girlfriend love speak. ( who u kidding attitude) Hey, you know you're the Diva for that, stop being so modest".
boyfriend/girlfriend exclusive love speak, ( scoring points)I know you're the best for that, you can tell anyone I said so".
and even "dating" love speak. (sell everything with sex)"Ummm I didnt know you were so damed good at that baby, but i do now".
Alas, husband & wife lovespeak, (lovingly cattle prod)" I know you can do that well if you just apply yourself sweetie".
Its just amazing how you can pick up after awhile, who is who and how that works. Makes me wonder about my own predictability. Just pondering this morning after the breakfast crowd has been and gone. ::cause its what I do::
Truthfully I would so love to be more candid about ins and outs of the INN, however I am a bit squimish? shall we say? I mean... who knows whos reading right?:::the boss?:::SHIVER. I think i just froze on chatting.:::eyes darting side to side::: Er um... Buh Bye?

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