Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pedicute Day

My Daughter and grand having
<-----a pedicure/manicure day.
I wish I was in THAT picture too. Feels good to see though. Aviana has her Mama's feet:) Hey Karen! Get her a toe ring too!
Next week my Idaho baby(s) are coming to the valley for Fathers Day. I wont be able to see them since I am feeding the other Fathers here on the coast at the Inn. I'm seriously bummed about THAT. I try not to think about it, but I do anyway. Jake only has a short time off of work and limited funds, so he will make a fast trip to see his Dad. Wait just a dawg gone minute.... He didnt do THAT for Mothers Day!! Hmmmmmm. I guess I will pick up the phone and turn on the ole Jewish Mother's guilt trip ( I am one by proxy, u are who you're with u know)
Choices... we all make 'em eh?

I called him last week.. I just needed to hear him. I couldnt tell him that when he asked if there was anything wrong. So I just asked how he was, how the kids, yada, yada.... I am certain these kids have enough on thier plates without the added mom issues. So, his tender voice will do. This whole texting thing leaves that pleasure out. I dont think I like it. Its handy dandy dont get me wrong, but I need voices, tickles, an occasional sneeze? Maybe I just need a pedicute?

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