Saturday, October 10, 2009

Daily Devotions

Do any of you use a daily devotional? Or a make shift one? A daily laugh, passage, scripture, quote, or even a joke/laugh? I picked up the new little one by Joel Olsteen the other day and every morning I read it, hoping to find some words of encouragement, no... an epiphany. What I am finding is... even though I began nearly at the end of the little book ( OCT) it would seem that SOMEONE knows whats going on around here! This morning, day 3 I think, I actually read 3 times in disbelief thinking HOW DOES HE KNOW THIS? I ran to find my prayer parrot (for good measure) and it has already been packed. So I stuck my post it note to my sewing machine and there I stayed until tonight. Sometimes, there just arent enough post it notes. Anyway.. I am kinda liking this new ocd-ism I have found. I will play awhile longer. Much like that dingy farmtown on facebook. I tell ya... I go there, create, and wish I were there! ( Dont worry, yall know I see a whole team of shrinks)

I have been working on the annual Epilepsy foundation memory quilt. One of 4 left to finish before I torture my machine by moving her AGAIN. The memory quilt.... 44 pictures of the telling faces of disabled children. So many transparent emotions ranging from love & trust, to fear & apprehension. How ironic that I am the lucky one to hold them this week. I dont know how it is that I can feel them, but I can. Not only can I feel them, but I GET IT.. I so get it.

Did I show you the poppy finished?:::thinking:::: I dont think I did.. I 'll go find a picture. I want so badly to start an applique project, namely a very cute one Ronda is working on...just to have some hand work. The last one I did needle turning was the dresden plate restoration, and in hindsight, I really enjoyed that evening work. When the dust settles round here, I will begin a project. (hold me to it, K?) The wall art poppy is now framed and in route to the central coast show. I didnt know it would be entered, and I dont want to know now! LOL I dont need any more stress thanks. The crystals dont show in the pics, but they are at the top of each burgandy piece of fabric, and in the center. I am happy that its owner is happy. Thats judge enough for me.

I would really like to go sneak a peek at tomorrows devotion note as I am determined to hide out in the shop for the day. Me and those epilepsy kids:) Have a serene Sunday everyone. I 'll see ya Monday!


Vicki W said...

I love the poppy quilt! I'm glad that things are coming together for your move home.

Anonymous said...

Love the Poppy G, I never got the pictures you said you emailed me, whaaaaa...
Have a Happy Birthday today, wish I waas there to celebrate with you.. Love U More Ronda

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