Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Rambling Over Coffee

I think I should take up dog grooming. Poor Ginny looks like that furry bear on sesame street all the time. The good news is I will be going home and THATS where her forever groomer is! So maybe I wont. Good Monday morning dear blog followers. I am sorry I havent been diligent about writing. I could say that I have been busy, and its true, but I done told ya and told ya about my feelings on bummer blogabouts. I still hang on Perpetual Hope, and the tune from ANNIE. ROFL.
We have been busy looking for furniture on craigs list because if you can remember, when we moved here we had to downsize quite a bit to fit into the quarters. THIS, dear peoples, is no easy task, especially without a pick up truck! I have learned a few things.... ya cant trust peoples on craigs list to honor a "DEAL". Ya cant put a 6 foot dresser in the back of a convertable with the top down and go 60 miles an hour. :::u know u got a visual::: ( rut ro)
I tried very hard to win that Mega Million 200 million.. can u even BELIEVE that there was ONE WINNER IN VIRGINIA? Lucky bugger. I'm next. Mama needs some new fall boots dang it! OK, maybe just a washer/dryer. After I saw the boots to drool for, I found all my lil girls Christmas party dresses and had to have them, so there went one night stand eh....grunt. Again, I'm next.
I better move my butt... I have a huge list to make and attack. Thanks for the Java, Have a M M!

* craigs list good apples!
*Farmtown, I go there to rest, its a happy place.
*Perpetual hope
* New Michael Buble CD!
* My Fiskars anniversary rotary cutter, wowzers!
*Online shopping for the BEST "catch & Release" shopping.
Busy day today. I am on the last 3 quilts before breakdown!! woohoo!

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