Monday, October 12, 2009

Rain Is Big News M & M's

Now either its a slow news week, or all of the weathermen round here have gone bonkers. No matter what station I have on the TV or radio, the big news is rain for the next few days. Not just reporting news, but how to protect yourself. How to prepare your car. What to have on hand in the house, what to wear, and the right type of umbrella! Its kinda like when we first moved to the coast and I got the biggest kick out of a news alert mid day... saying, SURFS UP! Now we get, RAINS COMING! What the heck? Its just rain, its wet, and we need it. Done, lets move on. I remember several years ago Walt and I RVing to Big Sur in terrential rains. lol We couldnt get away from there fast enough. Opted for the Carmel Valley in a nice dry RV park with running water from a faucet instead of out your front porch..
Now heres the potential news says I.... When it rains here, its like Big Sur. The heavens open up and buckets pour in a short time span, causing fast floods and mudslides. Especially in the foothills where firestorms have been. Scary, noteworthy, and cause for preparation. It should all be over in 2 days they say.. I hope nothing above actually happens. For me personally, its a great time to sniff the air, and maybe a pot roast or fresh bread in the oven. BUT.... Not here because I can only be found quilting or packing these days. The bummer is that I have packed all of the good tools and for the next 18 days until we begin moving... we are on a short supply of everything.
18 days and the real mayhem begins, again. I dont look forward to it, and yet I cannot wait. :::Sybilness::: It's so sad here. No guests, pictures coming down, no good smells, feelings, or views. Yet on the other hand, perpetual hope. Walt is getting stronger, you wouldnt believe that he has just spent 20 days hospitilized and life so uncertain. Quilting getting caught up, and I think theres a rainbow just down the road. Truthfully, sometimes I think I'm just a village idiot for all of the perpetual hope about things. But its ok... I am the Arroyo Grande village idiot, and thats very OK with me.

Marvelous Mondays :

Rain, cause theres a rainbow somewhere
Matt N Jac, ( neice & nephew) Who cheer me up and dont even know it.
Phone calls from Avi who I can actually understand now.. (I would like to freeze her at this age:)
Live stream internet Radio ( because you get NO RECEPTION HERE)


Tina C. said...

Hang in there, G. Good things are coming. Glad to hear that you are quilting and that Walt is getting better!

Desert Threads said...

Going home is a good thing! Life starts anew.
We haven't had a drop of rain here but lots of beautiful clouds. I'm weird, I love to just sit and watch the clouds drift by.

Thearica said...

Know that where-ever life takes us, it was for a purpose..even if we cannot see it right then. I am very happy to hear Walt is doing better. I have not posted much but I have visited on ocassion to keep up with how he was doing..and you as well. You have so many friends who care.

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