Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dishing the Dirt

The same JEEP that pulls people out of the sand, the one that climbs ANY dune handily, yes even the same JEEP the on the 4th of July beat a Hummer in the sand, Blima managed to bury today!
"Let me! Let me!" she whines to move the car back to better view the sunset. "Let me! Let me!" I drive well in snow!! ( sounds like Rainman eh?) And we believed her!! Upon prancing over and hopping into the JEEP she did the unthinkable in sand.... yep yep yep... she gunned it in reverse. Oh hell no she did not just do that (3 of us happened to say at the same time) Just as we see her do it again! And Again! All yelling stop while sand flies 20 feet in the air, in our mouths, on the bbq pit, (I couldnt see Ginger either) So much for sand driving like snow. Grunt.
Now on the beach, its in agreement that all of us locals refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for a tow out. So when a vehicle is spotted in trouble all shovels within a half mile come a runnin. This was no exception. About 6 young men, another JEEP, and Mike and Walt dug her out and back to packed sand safety. Walt is wondering though if they remember this little powerhouse of a JEEP beating the hummer, then getting buried by a Canadian? I dunno.... se la vie? We're having fun? LOL


Sharon said...

Poor Blima! And knowing you, you will never let her live it down. Does she now understand that driving in snow is not exactly the same as driving in sand???

Barb said...

OH LOLOLOLOL I hope you could get lots of pictures of this adventure...chalk it up to another adventure with Thelma and Louise

Lynn Douglass said...

I love it! Thanks for the great laugh!


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