Friday, July 27, 2007

Hearst Castle Day

If ever you get the chance to tour this castle, I highly recommend it. Not only the grounds mind you, but the family story is fascinating. I myself was only acquainted with Patty Hearst tales, until I dug deeper. We had a sassy tour guide dodging questions about the young Ms Hearst, twas funny:)
There's a 5 mile curly ride on a bus up to the top of his mountain, and along the way you can see all sorts of wild animals including zebra. Theres an awesome mile long pergola too that was built for a walking path. The views from up there are second to none. Mike and Blima were equally enthralled as I, and hey? Ive been there! LOL Can you just imagine having this to walk out on everyday? When my Sis was here she took many pics of the gorgeous gardens in order to repeat some of it in their new home. She's doing a great job!!!How about imagine swimming here? The outdoor pool is cool, but my favorite is the Neptune inside pool. Gold inlay in the tiles!!! I think perhaps I shall use this memory to relax with.... ahhhhh, the Nestea plunge right here.......

I sure hope you arent getting bored with my travelling show:) I'm having fun reliving the little wonder moments with our friends:) I guess I'll quit when I run out of pictures??

What do you do - or where do you go - when you want relieve stress?


The Sarah Bear said...

You know, I need to tour that place someday - went to the gift shop and that was as far as I got! LOL!

Where do I go?!
Starbucks, with a friend, and my smokes.

Randi said...

I've been enjoying your pics, Gina! Keep 'em coming!

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