Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independance Day!

Not alot to report, just salutations, Be safe and (sane), Don't drink and drive, over eat, or hurt yourselves:) ( But do have fun?) I am working this morning and then braving the beach with all the other YAHOO'S for the big shows. Walt is hitting every fireworks stand in his path today. I'll be the one wearing fire retardant clothing in red white and blue! I hope to have some good Pics for ya tomorrow:)

Happy 4th!


A Better red, White & Blue picture I say!!! Blim? Doesnt this remind you of our trip across the country? Dang it! I want some!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Pal, enjoy the day, and dont take Ginger to the beach tonight, fireworks are way to scary for her.
I remember that Lucy episode at the Lobster Pound very well. :)
Runnin for car with Coffee mugs in hand.
See ya next Thursday:) are ya ready?
LU, B.

DearGina said...

She's coming with me:) I have a tent and a blankie for her:)

Yeppers, Im ready as I'll ever be, Mi Casa es Su Casa Baby.....

rondakae said...

Happy, safe and sane 4th back at ya.

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