Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More San Francisco Days

We had the best accommodations for a few nights stay at the Radisson right on the Embarcadero. We just walked right out of our room and onto the happenings:) After , of course we checked in and rested up with some wine. :: smile::

We dined close by at A. Sabella's Restaurant. Second story overlooking the grotto. Very delicious, both in food and presentation. Albeit, pricey, but worth it. We walked the walk, and talked the talk, visited the street mimes and entertainers, then called it a night.

After touring Alcatraz we walked even more! and dined at a popular restaurant called The Slanted Door. Vietnamese Fair and quite the happening stop at the Ferry Building! Walt managed to convince a local chocolate Maker to give him treats after closing. I really must go back if only to hit the Caviar Bar!
Pier 39 is always fun, oh! and there was delicious Calamari in a pub we hit.

We did the usual Coit Tower, Lombard Street, etc... drove round trying not to get lost or stuck in bridge traffic. One really needs more time to do the City properly. I mean.. How many times must I go and not walk throught the Palace of Fine Arts buildings?
We motored down the coast stopping to view Half Moon Bay and eat a peach. Carmel was lunch at La Dolce Vita, a Blima find, it was superb little rooftop Italian cafe and Walt fell in love for the dipping oil which Blima and I re created the following week:)
We made it home late evening, tired but ready for.............Next?


The Sarah Bear said...

Were you vacationing for a month?!?! Sheesh, you have already done in a week what I HAVENT done in a year!!!

I am so glad to hear that you had so much fun, but I kinda knew you would, even if you just sat and yapped with each other!


Dianah said...

So my question is ... while you were in the city to you get to go to Britex?


Anonymous said...

Britex? No, what is it?
heather...sitting and yapping with Gina is one of my favorite things, we howl at each other, I miss her so much, I didnt see her online yesterday, so I called her last night she picked up the phone and I said Where The Crap Are You, ( ask her about that comment) another blog :) that we have been laughing about for 4 years, she started whinning and crying that they have No internet, repairman comes Friday and she whinned again, so Blogging will have to be put on hold.
Have a great day everyone,

Dianah said...

Hi Blima!
Britex is a 4 story fabric store just off Union Square in SF. I love it their! They carry mostly natural fiber with few exceptions. They have a wonderful selection of wool and silk on the first floor.


Anonymous said...

OH Chit, does Gina know about this? i see another trip just for that. lol.


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