Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lovers Knot Restoration

Yes, I am a busy beaver:) This is a really cool 1920's quilt half hand quilted, still in a hoop! lol.... brought in a wreck... and now its happy and ready to be loved:) I'm not quite sure how restorations are becoming so popular, but the history on each and everyone is very interesting to me. I just love handling my Dresden plate restoration project.. its mostly hand work, so I'm still on that one. It's just amazing to me to breathe life back into someones artistry of so long ago. I know its silly, but I think I "feel" something, (dont know what) while I work on them. do-do-do-do-thats all I have to say about that:)

Here is Lovers Knot, Grama Bosch, Proud recipient, great grandson, age 50!


Sharon said...

Gorgeous!! And I know exactly what you mean about restoring old quilts. I also love the history behind them

Anonymous said...

Gina, its gorgeous, what did you fix on it?
Are they allowed to use it or its for hanging.
I guess NO Tide with bleach eh?


Vicki W said...

Gina, you did a beautiful job on this quilt! They must be thrilled with the results.

Anonymous said...

Great quilt Gina, I love those old ones. I have those wierd "feelings" also when working on those, like someone looking over your shoulder.

Karen L

Freda said...

It's beautiful Gina. Maybe restoration is your niche.

Lynn Douglass said...

Love that quilt, Gina! Restoration is a special gift. What a way to warm the heart!

MsLizzF said...

What a beautiful did a good job and now grandson will have a wonderful treasure. Thanks for posting this quilt.

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