Saturday, July 28, 2007

Laetitia Wine Tasting Day

There isnt a day that goes by that I don't pinch myself to see if I wake up from the lovely dream of living in this Arroyo Grande valley of ours. Everyday, I pray that I can stay.
This is 5 miles from our home, Laetitia vineyards and wine tasting rooms. It was a fantastic stop! I fell head over heels for the Reserve Chardonay, 2005! So much so that Mike bought my first bottle:) (TY Mike) We also visited Tally Vineyards, but this one is my favorite! So much so that I joined the club!!! Yep yep yep... Every quarter I will receive 3 bottles of their choice. I say, some belong to coffee clubs, some belong to wine clubs!! Woohoo!! With membership comes free wine tastig for me and any guests I bring with me! ( email me for interactive bed and breakfast dates)
This was Mike's first try at wine tasting as Blima and I are "old hands" at it now. He loved it! So much so that t Tally winery he gave several opinions of his own, getting us a free tasting day for being so damned honest? LMAO!!!

I will return again and again to play here for a little while:) I need some of those Oak Barrels anyway right?

If you are going to worry, why pray?
(Faith works)


The Sarah Bear said...

Well... I suppose "I" worry because it is human nature. It is the process that makes faith stronger? You have situation, you worry, worry, worry, become weary, and then realize, that you need to have faith and let it go... or a friend tell you that you need to have faith and let it go... either way, it is a cycle? Human nature to be in control... worry about what you CAN'T control, and then realize that you actually have NO CONTROL cause our dear lord is the one at the wheel... here enters faith?

LOVE the Q of the D

Just me

DearGina said...

Its the worry after the prayer I am pondering.
Ma says, 90 percent of what we worry about, never happens anyways. and then I saw this billboard while zooming down the highway... worrying about at least 6 things, ( a slow day) and it hit me! YEAH... If Im just gonna worry myself sick, why in the heck did I ask God for help in the first place?.. When I consider this... it squashes worry for me.

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