Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Hump Day Ramblings

I still need a day off. I'm worried about my Mom. She isnt doing so well and sometimes I feel like I'm on another planet! I woke up this morning with more anxiety than I have felt in quite sometime. SO I grabbed a list pad.. go figure.
I will try my best to squeeze in a few days after this hoilday to get to Ma. We will both feel better, and although a driving crazy few days off... it will be days off from here right? Of course right. Someone reminded me to just work 40 hours a week. I laughed hysterically. Not even longarming afforded me that luxury, let alone running the B & B too.
What you peoples think about last nights Idol? Did Paula forget to get dressed up or what? Walt and I are betting. I think I will lose, but I dont want to. Its a matter of Genre. He loves rock, citing Queen's head honcho compared to Adam, and I enjoy Kris, comparing his to one of my favorites, John Mayer. So we have a quarter on it. Thats my limit. As I said, I think I will lose, but I am in hopes that I will hear more from Kris soon. Adam can go on with his outrageous rockin tongue, and I will be soothed listening to Kris. Just a matter of taste.
I did MOST all of the shopping for this week ends full house yesterday. I also have the task of finishing our studio decor for the over flow. I GOT TOLD. Grunt. Still I whine that you cannot take a 3 story home and squeeze into here. My part of here. I called around for storage facilities, they have a 2 year waiting list? Criminy! I think I should have an estate sale and get rid of it all. Sheesh. I better get to it. I miss reading all the blogs as I have time only to pop around while doing the pee pee dance. .. what? true!
Happy hump day, I'm off to open the kitchen!


Jan Thompson said...

Kris was my man, too. I think he appeals to the majority of Americans. Adam is very talented, but only on a few occasions did I like what he sang. Can't believe Kris won!
Have a calm and peaceful weekend in spite of the 17 guests!!

Roberta said...

Good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you!! {{{{HUGS}}}}}

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