Thursday, May 14, 2009

Underwear Days Are Under Rated

I need one. I just read that I'm too late! It was February 27th! Why didnt you people tell me?
I gotta tell ya, these people do not understand the meaning of Underwear days AT ALL! Look at em out there promoting my favorite day on the streets! It sort of blows the whole concept doncha think? I am here to tell you that underwear days are spent in your fuglies, at home, doing absolutley whatever will cause you to say when asked by someone later, "What you do today?" Your perfect response should be...... I HAVENT A CLUE- AND I LOVED IT!
Now understandably this just isnt the nature of a woman. We thrive on multi tasking while our not so better halves empty the brain and do nothing. :::sometimes with a beer and a remote:::( how are they hard wired to do this?)
It is difficult for we women to pull this off. I used to have it down to a science. I think Walt taught me That man can move a mountain, and then sleep on top of it! But nowadays...sigh. Both of ours are Gone. Even when I try I find myself thinking, writing, doing, grunt. What would be cool is to really clone myself and watch her go huh? yep. Side note while its on my mind: Ronda deserves an underwear day and a big WOOHOO for her win at MQS for Gypsy Rosalie. You know THAT quilt was a huge labor of love. Maybe now she will come down and hold a class here at the Inn. (I will squeeze us in an underwear day to play) Congratulations to all of the winners. I wish that I could have been there with my Sensi Jane.::::thinking about that whole cloning thing:::: Then I spoke to Blima (first time in I dunno HOW LONG) and I found myself homesick for Montreal!:::cloning::: I have a rainbow in the works with Heather coming for the week end, (along with the rest of the nation) I hope we get time to play.
Know what? I have a frogging quilt job to do, maybe I'll change into some fugly undies and frog the rest of the day away? Hmmmmm Wonder what the guests would think at Wine 30?
I have been putting it off this job for awhile given that its another longarmers work, sent to me to redo. You know thats hard huh?
I wonder if I feel bummed to have seen Danny Gokey go home last night? I was literally shocked. Now, theres not even any fun in the finale eh? It's a given who will prevail. JMHO. Personally, While talent beyond belief, Adams tongue all over the place is just not my cuppa. I am still freaking out over his Areosmith song.::: Put that tongue away Goober!!::: Go Kris the cutie! ( I see a young John Mayer in him somewhere, when he finds himself)
At any rate, I only wanted to say that never again will I under appreciate underwear days. Whenever I can get one:)


Larkspur Lane Designs said...

I'm so happy (and more than a little relieved) to know I'm not the only one that doesn't get dressed some days!

Vicki W said...

You can have Kris because I loooooooove Adam!

Ronda Beyer said...

You really mean a Pajama day don't you??? Please tell me YES! God forbid I spend the day in my undies a picture I would not enjoy LOL....

It is your turn to come up here and play, come on, when ya coming?????

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