Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday First Born O` Mine!

Hey Karen, Happy Happy Birthday lil girl:) I can't believe it, but I REALLY do did make you all those years ago! Still my right arm, I could sure use ya today as I have a half full house! I'm freaking out now over a cuppa....Maybe when school is over you could come?::::HURRY:::::

I'm so very proud of the woman that you are. The Mother, the nurse, the wife, sister, daughter,Auntie and friend. I know you wear many hats at this point in life, I remember. All I have to say is...... Your Gonna Miss This.......So try to enjoy the little things and commit them to memory. I love you and you'll be on my mind while I feed the multitudes this morning:) Have a great day and I'll speak to you tonight!


Desert Threads said...

Happy Birthday Karen!!

The Sarah Bear said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Hope you have an exciting weekend planned to celebrate!!

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