Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Haul

Camera Back up! Wanna see some really CUTE dresses? I tell ya, I absolutley love these little girl dresses! I just need MO MONEY for them! I guess you cant see them too well here, but its enough to make all my girls nuts wondering WHICH is theirs!!! LMAO!!! Well, except for the 4th of July, all the pics should be the same huh? Wouldnt it be cool if I had one pic of all the girls together in the dresses? Sigh..... You see there are rules. We made em, cause thats what we do. We only buy pretty lil dresses for our girls, and they only have to share a pic with us! EASY SCHMEEZY. I just sent the cutest lil yellow plaid boys outfit to Shawn and waiting for that picture:::STEPH?:::: It isnt easy to find cool boys clothes. Grunt. I do try. Not half as fun as lil girl dresses, but they love pkgs in the mail just as much as the girls do. ( I think) I get the biggest kick out of watching Avi on web cam squeel like a pig in a new :::PEETY CUTE DRESS:::: Or watching Sarah rip into a mailer pkg wondering whats inside JUST for her! Man... nothing beats a present I say. No matter the price tag, its a present JUST for them.:::little things::::

Also heres a photo of the new dining room centerpieces. I swear they look real, fresh, and with water! Love em:) come see! I better get to work, I have Moms coming!! Make it a great Thursday!

PS: Did anyone else shed a tear or 2 for Allison last night? Poor girl, but im sure theres a fat contract out there somewhere. I really thought Chris would go. My vote remains with Danny weekly, however I do see the odds on Adam...LOL


Vicki W said...

I am so bummed about Allison! I'm not worried though, she has a great recording career ahead of her. The first album should be of all Janis Joplin songs. Allison is the first artist that I've heard that can do Joplin.

Gina said...

I couldnt agree more! Shes so young though huh... I wish she had more time to let her judgement catch up to her! What a cutie she is:)

Freda said...

I would squeal like a pig too if I got pretty dresses like that! Have a wonderful Mother's day Gina, enjoy your Grands.

The Sarah Bear said...

SARAH LOVES HER AUNTIE GINA AND UNCLE WALT!!!! They always send good stuff like dresses, popcorn, and candy!!! Thank you two for all that you have done! We love you and are forever in debt for how much you do for us. Oh and G - did you unpack a deck of cards for Rummy? I feel a late night of coffee and butt whoopin' comin' on.

Gina said...


Roberta said...

Happy Mother's Day, ladybug!!!

Roberta : )

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