Monday, May 25, 2009

She's Alive! M & M's

Oh how I would love to have some pictures to show you, but they are all of vacationers here at the Inn! We had a full house, and our dear friends Heather, Kim & Sarah in the studio. MERCY. I think I am way too old for this. No really, I do! But, I am motivated. I have an adgenda. A goal. By Jeepers I will reach it or die trying. You all know what it is right? I thought so. I so enjoyed introducing many a travelor to my quilting studio and having my own personal trunk show each evening! LOL I think I'm growing quilters!!! And Might I add that if I dont get busy sewing soon I think I will have a mental breakdown!
Best part: Playing Rummy and just plain ole` girl talk with my Heather.
It makes me happy, and makes me miss my friends and family SOOOOO much. I met so many people on holiday too. They left fat ~N~ happy, thats how I like em leaving. Now, Walt & I are way beyond tired. Just looking at each other every couple minutes like, WTF have we done? At any rate, Hope all of you had a marvelous Monday, and I hope ya missed my posts too!

MM's Include:

The love of a good friend

Lotsa Happy guests!

A great dishwasher!

My buddy Marshalls!

Blimas great recipes!

Ginger the wonder dog!


The Sarah Bear said...

I haven't unpacked - can I come back? :) I promise next time we will do the Sun - Thursday stay - :) No more holidays!

Thank you for everything!! We enjoyed ourselves immensely and are grateful for the time we spent with two of our bestest friends.

Love you,

Gretchen said...

You are amazing! Where do you get the energy? Can you bottle it and send me some?
Glad the weekend went well if not exhausting.

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