Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Celebrity Sarah Bear

So Guess who came to see us this week end? Not that we had an opportunity to play or anything, but still! A celeb IN DA HOUSE! I bet her Mom hasnt bloged this yet cause she passed out on the floor with pridom. ( is that a word?)
Ahuh, Famous lil thing now eh? Sarah Bear looks JUST like her mama in this picture! Same smirk, same same... WOW.. Heres one of her in our treasure chest!
Hey Am I in this Magazine under B & Bs? I want an autographed copy!


Roberta said...

Oh how cute!!!

The Sarah Bear said...

A-yi-yi - THAT TREASURE CHEST! Such a tickle for the auntie. The mom, not so much! "Sarah, is that a lollipop in your hair?"

Ok, I know, short sighted - I would be thrilled if I were Sarah! Maybe that's why she kept creeping back up the stairs despite my MOM VOICE warnings :)

Miss ya!

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