Monday, May 11, 2009

Marvelous Mothers Day Mondays?

So torn over loathing vs loving this day. Mothers Day. Is it possible to have done both? Will it be this way forever? I used to joke around about my "Sybilness" and now it really feels true. Damn. Sybil # 1 is enjoying every moment being a proud Mom, Grand Mom, while Sybil 2 stomps her foot pissed off at the world and beyond because I am a minus one child, Mom. And btw, how freaking selfish of me to always feel like I'm the only one in the world who must endure this?Lets forget me enduring and consider a LOST life! Few can see (I am sure) the tracks of my tears ::forgive the song referance, however true::: I can BS with the best of 'em, but damn, what a cool lie am I. Ok, ok, I'm sorry.. lets move on to Sybil 1 again shall we? I so enjoyed the family here to help soften the blow. I also loved playing with the guests who enjoyed the holiday as well. I REALLY loved all the extra hands in the kitchen from all of them and Walt just went above and beyond. Thanks Fam O Mine:)

Aviana continues to own me like no other human has or I believe ever she just makes my whole self (inside and out) smile. She brought a little friend with her(Kendall on right, who is a doll!) and I loved seeing the dynamics between the two of them. (she is bossy like her Mama) In This pic she isnt really THIS short, just

While at the beach she took a face plant and had to have stitches on her forehead. Her worries? "Do I still look like a Princess Nonni?" Melt I tell ya. The boys did amazingly well without video games for a few days! SHOCKER... Bored but happy they helped pappa with chores. I dont think that a B & B is kid friendly. Grunt. Baby Emily didnt think so either as her Mama had to hold her 24/7 , unless of course she was playing with the spout on the water cooler. :::or getting spoiled by Pappa sneaking her chocolates:::
I think there were 2 best parts. ( cause I like to name bestest parts)
When all were tucked in bed and the Mamas and I talked and lap topped together. ( ok, and drank wine). #2 When driving off... Aviana waving and yelling "You're a good Nonni". Melt I tell ya. Just melt.
So you see my Sybilness doncha?, Yeah, I thought so. I will leave you with a few photos, and yes, these are my M & M's for the week:::wink:::SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----->


Freda said...

Gina, Avi and her friend look like sisters. I am glad you had a good weekend, even with some sadness, and the grands are adorable. Sorry Avi had to have stitches.I love reading your Pickford House blog. The B & B suits you.

Gina said...

Thanks Freda:) Trying hard to find the fit!

The Sarah Bear said...

OUCH! Poor bubbies! I miss you! Can't wait to see you!

Ronda Beyer said...

Oh poor little princess, I have 3 little princesses that melt my heart and soul.. Now, I tell ya that baby looks just like Walt, if you wouldn't have said it was a girl I would swear it was Walt's Mini-Me.....
Remember you are not alone, we both wear a happy mask, Love you More... Ronda

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