Monday, May 18, 2009

M & M's This Week Means Gear Up!

For next week end. I am in a bit of a state of shock? I have asked Walt if he is afraid. His reply? Nope... We Got This. ( Aviana speak) We are booked, over booked, and the phone continues to ring. I feel compelled to give them our own bed, but it passes quickly. :::FAGETABOUTIT:::
I wonder if this is a welcome mat to summer for us. I would like to know why they just cant spread themselves out a bit. I'm all for making the Boss bunches of money and all, but damn. I wont get to socialize much now will I? I have Italian eggs on the menu for day one. Spinach pie day two. Biscuits n gravy day three. I think 17 peeps each day. Lord help us. All of my breads and brownies will be done this week, and the kitchen is prepped and ready. I will hit Costco & Smart & Fianl tomorrow. Anyone have a truck? I think I need 72 eggs or so, and a truckload of fruit. Walt and I have it down to a well oiled machine in there.... for 6. Not 17. We shall see. To calm my nerves I spend the evenings frogging and list making. This quilt is making me mental and I hope worth the effort. I have a few in the works for the rooms upstairs, but who knows when THEY will be done right? I also have my Ronda Beyer challenge design sheet here. I must admit I stare at it like a deer caught in the headlights. Sip my cuppa, smile about Ronda, and continue to frog. Poor challenge quilt.
I'm looking forward to American Idol Finale! What a busy week they have. Maybe all of the frogging will be done by Thursday? Did you all see the gross pics released of Adam Lambert on TMZ? DO ya think its all a big publicity stunt show and not in our control at all? Sad.....
Have a good week my friends, I hear the fax going off...:::shakin in my slippers::::
Marvelous Mondays include:

The best restaurants on a single street I could ever hope to have!
A great partner in da house:)
Petty Cash for fruit stand pull overs
The quilts that keep me grounded
A good road map to follow
That dang cheese from England, cheddar with apricots! ( costco, go get some!)
No car payments woohoo!!


Freda said...

Gina you were born to do this. Have a great time and I know you will.

The Sarah Bear said...

Love you... we will lay low, and help cook.

Gina said...

Under control Pal O mine:) I have hired a breakfast cook for 2 days while I prep and serve and Walt does dishes:)

I dunno Freda, jury is still out on THAT one huh?LOL

Roberta said...

What's Italian eggs? :P

Gina said...

Its a souffle of veggies and cream, with a couple surprise eggs in the middle:) come see

Judy Laquidara said...

Congratulations! Yes, you can do it and you will do it . . and do a fantastic job!

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