Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shoe Chuckers

I woke up to yet another news tickle of a shoe chucker. Remember when President Bush got nailed? This time a reporter got it from a man defending US troops in Afghanistan. Now while this makes news (read: shocking news, looks of disbelief) I have been chucking shoes since I was quite young. I have no idea where this idea came from.. but its so effective! Look, its not a weapon, but it sure drives home your distaste in the actions of whoever is on the receiving end of the chucked shoe! Almost in embarrassment I am sitting here cracking up just remembering a store trip to Mervyns, all kids in tow and my James and Jake in the clothes rounders at least 20 feet away from me. I caught a glimpse of wiggling sweaters, and in a deep voice called out BOYS! Their little bodies popped out of the sweaters and a shoe was chucked. Now miraculously they knew to bring the shoe back and not make a sound doing it.... lol How? Effective I tell you! Damn I wish I had more than a mental picture to show you. I so love pictures.... James and his big blue remorseful eyes. Jake sheepishly hiding behind his sister. Lord how we miss him. I would give anything to chuck a shoe at him, no... watch him chuck a shoe at a boy of his own. Hmmmm I wonder if that sounds mean? Over disciplining.... Ya never know these days whats acceptable or not eh? One acquaintance of mine thinks telling her child NO is violent.... Glad not to be a young Mom right now. I may go to jail for being a shoe chucker.
Hey, on another note, anyone pick up the new John Mayer CD? Its soooooo worth it!!! Highlights: Heartbreak Warfare, The War Of My Life, on and on... I tell u this young man can write!
I'm off for a doctor appt.. have a good Humpday:)

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marilyn said...

I could not stop laughing reading your post as it
brought back memories. We had a neighbor that
was a shoe chucker or more like slipper.....
she used to wear those mules.She would heave that thing at her kids and of course I would laugh because I was a kid then too.

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