Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday's, M & M's, Grand Girls, Oh My!

Not feeling well today but there is so much to do I must push on. Tummy issues kept me up all night.. maybe it was the pistachio nuts? I duno.... We had a much deserved underwear day yesterday and stopped the clock, ate like piglets and watched 6 episodes of the The girls went home to Mothers, and I am exhausted, but missing Aviana too. I see her cheezy smile and twinkling eyes whatever room I walk into. Oh, and I see the tornados too... but Lifes messy, I'll clean it up. Here is our Gingerbread house building evening............

Happy Happy Birthday to a few more of my favorite peoples!! Julie & Heather:) Have a marvelous Monday you two, I will be thinking of you. I wish I was close enough for a coffee chat.

M & M's Include

* Netflix Soprano Beginnings! ( I never saw it?)

* A brilliant Studio designer!

* A week with the girls

*Gingers good nature

* Wood Glue, ( dont ask)

* A great back yard for girls to run

*Little Yanagi's around the corner

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