Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday, Official Underwear Day

So I am here, first cuppa in hand, feeling like a rag mop, wondering how in the world do I blog everything that has happened since I fell off the radar map. Lets see if we can find the beginning.........
Ah yes, the siblings were coming! They came, we had a VERY nice couple of days here at home. And then trouble was brewing at sis hometown ( Auburn) so we left. Here's where the blurr comes in. First let me say that as soon as we went over the hills leaving sunshine and heat for fog and scary trees, I KNEW we weren't in Kansas anymore. GRUNT. I have always intensely disliked the 3 months of YUK in the valley, but its always worse now when I travel back into it.
I had planned to have a great time with John, Sheena and Kelly, then do my bus Mom thing for Road to California. It didn't work out so well now did it? I had to cancel the trip, cancel the fun, cancel it all as our Mom fell very ill and has been in the hospital since last we chatted.
Mom has since been released to my sisters care to live out life's winter days as comfortable as possible. Her petite lil body can take no more of the cancer that is raging inside of her. Hmmm... while typing I have decided that I cannot do it.. I cannot even type it. I'm sure you can understand how its difficult for me to face a near repeat of the worst time of my life, so I wont push it here. No matter the way it happens, or to whom, it isn't an easy journey. I do find it most peculiar how I can look back through the years with Mom and smile about things. I guess a full life really is to be celebrated... I shall ponder this.
My sis and I talk a great deal about how we so enjoyed time with our brother, and wish that we had had many memories with him too. Not to whine about it, as we will make some now. However, it would have been nice. Why it always comes back to the hand of cards dealt to us, and how we play them, I'll never figure out.
Our Dad did well through the week and it was more than noticeable how he too enjoyed John & Sheena. I am not sure how much he understands about Mom, that sure wont be easy either.
I will be home for a few days, then travel back to Mom. I dont know how this will go down, so stay tuned? Its really been "Ground Hogs Day" for a week or so. Its good to be home in my own bed. Walt said that I looked a little different, and I cocked my head to one side to ask why.. then decided that I KNEW why. Our fur & feathered Kids sure missed me. Ginger has been on my lap and Rudy on my shoulder since I came in. I think I need a few more of em, what do you think? I WANNA Mini DOODLE!
I got to spend a few hours sharing a meal with my BFF Heather... geez I miss her already. She too is having a family crisis, tragedy, world rocking event. Their boy Josh is in the hospital battling Cystic Fibrosis and he needs lung transplants. My heart breaks for that family as memories creep past. Josh is so full of life and only 26. Please whisper his name in your prayers too.
Well thanks for the coffee chat peoples! I am going to go unload the trunk I have been living out of. I will keep ya posted, and try to find the camera for a few pics too.
Big thank yous to my caring blog readers who sent notes looking for me!!
Love yer guts!


Desert Threads said...

Lots of prayers and hugs going to you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Gina! This is crap. I was so hoping that you were just having a great time with your famil & that was the reason for no blogging. I'm just so sorry for... everything. Many hugs & prayers for you & your family.

Carol said...

Oh, no! My heart is aching for you and all that is going on in your world right now. I will send up prayers now for you and your family for peace, love and strength. All my love to you.

Yvonne said...

Been thinking about ya.....prayers for your Mom and all of you, for Josh and family, too.

marilyn said...

You were missed......Prayers going up for your
Mom and all of your family.

Freda said...

I'm so sorry Gina. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

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