Monday, January 25, 2010

Marvelous Mondays & Mom :)

Mornin'! First let me say that Mom is holding her own, not in too much pain ( thanks Morphine) & eating a little bit. We successfully moved them again yesterday into my sisters home. They have a cute lil suite with thier bed and recliners, TV and tables, all the family pictures and Kincaides we could fit in there too. We are in hope that it is familiar to them "enough" to be comfortable. Now remember that we JUST moved them from the family home to the apartment 6 months ago. Now, poor things are moving again. This is no easy ride. We also wish that John were here to run interferance with Dad. He is the most non compliant, simply because he is( understandably) nervous.  I snapped a pic this morning, they didnt even hear me. OR THE CABLE GUYS!  Sharon? Look where our quilt is:) She loves it!
Today we will finish emptying the apartment and make it ready for inspection. I think I'm too old for this furniture hucking , moving crap. grunt. Sigh...and about 100 different other things. I told Kel to make a list. She is ( as we speak) having a MANIC Monday as opposed to a Marvelous one. I figure since I taught her the HA HA Yoga routine, I may as well keep going with M & M routine! LOL  However comical it is to see her in action, its also maddening. 
::side note:: I waitied to leave until the rain stopped. Walt says its beautiful sun again........GUESS what I came into? You guessed it MORE RAIN! Non stop here. Ever try to move in the rain? Grrrrrr
Have a Marvelous Monday Dear Blog Readers. Rememeber to whisper prayers for Mom and also Josh ( Heather & Kims Boy) He is patiently waiting for a double lung transplant. I will get the link form H and put it here too. I have my poor lil Prayer parrots beak stuffed full now... I know it will help as there is strength in numbers and power in prayer.

M & M's include:

*Walt keeping the home fires burning while I work here.
* My Day Planner! OMG What would I do without my lists!
* Blima working on vacation plans cause I cant!
*Quilt work continuing to come in so I am not totaly broke!
* A comfy bed here at Sis house!
*A binding job to keep my hands busy late at night:)
*Pic sent from Aviana of her new pet! ( pics maybe tomorrow when I have a chance!)


marilyn said...

Doesn't sound like an easy task for
anyone all that moving around. You and
your family are in my prayers, your right
about the power of prayer. Hope the sun
shines soon for you, it's been dreary here
in Michigan too.

Desert Threads said...

Moving is hard but hopefully it's best for mom.
Prayers being sent.
Where is pics?????

過年嚕 said...

Good mind, good find. ....................................................

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