Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let's Just Google It!

I also have first cuppa at my Sis house:) I see that Sheena does too! LOL I'll proboby get all kinds of static for posting this morning picture but I figure I've gotten static before right? I can't remember when the routine changed from morning newspaper to morning Facebook. Can you? The truth is that I get WAY more news than ever before now, and the best part is that its MY choices.
The sun came out, rain stopped. I have no idea how flooded we are but  I am heading back to Kelly's today although Sheena wont be there. I wonder if I can get another photo like this with sis in it? LOL
Maybe I will just snap a few of Mama?She doesnt look like her anymore:( . I dont think DQL is too great either.


Anonymous said...

you girls have different "coloring" but still some similarities. you're both lucky girls to look like each other!

Gina said...

Thats my sis in law Sheena, Not sis And yes we are:)

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