Tuesday, January 19, 2010

M & M's On A Tuesday?

Why not? I was on a holiday yesterday? I was stuck on Facebook games? I was making soups to leave Walt next week?
Choose your own adventure says I..................

Mornin'. This should be interesting... clipboard on my right, coffee on my left, keyboard on my lap. Gitterdone says I..............
5 AM was an owie this morning. I woke up to a slight panic attack to finish cooking, make a list of To Do;s... and listening to Haiti news. Do you remember when I used to be forever glued to the news channels be it TV or Streaming Internet? I do too. Not so much now. I mean since we lost Jamie. Its not that it doesnt matter, its just not so all fire important as my own life. How selfish is that???????? grunt.
Mom is holding her own with Sis and family. She doesnt want anything but her bed. I need to be there. I am waiting on a few quilt jobs and then I'm off again. It is giving me time to make Walt a few dishes for the freezer. Today I will do the Italian sausage & tortellini soup.. last night Butternut squash soup and a rack of ribs. I should do some cookies eh? Im not sure he is doing well himself. One day he looks stronger, then the next I see weight loss and gauntness again. I swear to Buddha I live in constant fear of the death of another loved one. Its no way to live I tell you. They tell me its normal...pppffft. It isnt the kind of normal I seek. CLIC
Know whats a bit difficult in the past 2 years? Marvelous Monday posts! I know!! But having made the commitment to write them, I must try, and it MAKES me reflect on the weeks positiveness. Its hard!!! I can remember when I had to KEEP it down to 7 entries, and believe me, I struggle for that same 7 now. I must tell you that it helps. Something so simple minded actually helps. I hope that some of you people try it too.

Marvelous Mondays include:
* Being able to catch AI premiere for it made us all laugh and we needed that.( pants on the ground! LOL)
*Having the help of our big brother if only for a short time.
*A safe drive home and arriving before the storms hit.
*My kids & grands coming to be with us at grams side.
*Jake safely arriving back in Idaho working in the snow and ice.. omG please protect him.
*ONE underwear day, I'll take it!
*A wonderful shop to greet me as work resumes.

OK, I'm blogged up, coffee'd up and on my way to attack the clipboard. its 2 pages!!!! WTH???? I havent forgotten pictures to show you, its on the list, but a quilt awaits my attention!


marilyn said...

Hope that you get to check off all
the things on your clipboard....number
one being to take care of Gina. Prayers
going up to the Big Guy for a safe

Sharon Dixon said...

Gina, I've been scanning lately and missed the blog about your mom and had to go back and read it. I am so sorry that she is so ill. Travel safely and enjoy the days you have left with her as much as possible. My thoughts will be with you.

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