Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun Family Fotos

I decided to have coffee with John & Sheena this morning, via Wanna see? I have a few ready to roll. Know what? I am so spoiled with Heathers beautiful photography that my own... well..... I dont want to get graphic on the first cuppa so I'll just say that I want H wherever I go:) LOL

On a day trip to Cambria, Hearst Castle, Elephant Seals, etc.... I got such a tickle watching my brother ENJOY a shopping experiance in one of my favorite hot spots in Cambria. He bought gifts for all! A new outfit for Sheena, a Yummy jacket for Kellys birthday, and these sandals that the RAIN WONT LET ME WEAR!!!! ( yes, Im so anxious that I put thewm on this morning to wear round the house! Arent they incredible?? I MUST find the perfect outfit, thanks again J & S!

Heres one taken at Morbid Bay, I mean Morro! Shoot.. did I say that?

Of course theres quilt content! What you thinking??? Sheena had her first lesson and sprang into action! I think she is a natural. Not sure if the Gammil inspired her, or was it the new expected grand baby on the way? Hmmmmmm At any rate, she PPP'd on this piece and I'm happy that it will always be her first:) YOU GO GIRL!

On Kelly's birthday we dined at one of her favorites in Folsom. Scotty's Seafood. My daughter and grand joined us, and we all missed having Mom there too.

Missing from this pic... Ma :( Oh how I wish for it to include Lil Jamie & Steph too. I have decided that I will be saving up for a mini face lift so that I wont always look like the oldest in the bunch. GRUNT.

OK.. I will find another camera chip for more soon... but for now I must go make lists as they are running through my head as we chat. I forget easily you know!

Lets see,
pack for Sac
brush the dog
quilt the quilt
bind the quilt
bill the customer
do the dishes I was too lazy to do last night
make my list of calls
call the calls
left overs for dinner...

shoot... what else? Grunt. See!


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Desert Threads said...

Love the pics! But especially the quilt!!

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