Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Busy Week!

My siblings are coming! My siblings are coming! Yep yep yep.... Kelly will be joining me to motor over to Santa Barbara to pick up John & Sheena from Alaska! I have my clipboard and we are in for a busy week! I have included a Hearst Castle day, a beach night, and Mexican food night, and a wild poker game! I wish Mom was in on THAT one:) This will be the first time I get to meet our sis in law Sheena. I am looking forward to this! Boy, is she in for a treat as she is a fellow quilter! Oh wait! I know the REAL TREAT! 70 degrees here as opposed to Alaskan dark cold! Woohoo! I wish Blima would snowbird and get out of that Montreal freeze. ( Oh, I got off track there too eh?) We hope to have a lil spring break with them in April. As I said yesterday, I am MAKING PLANS to MAKE PLANS this year. Find my bliss and bliss will find me? Whatever works.
I dont have a picture on hand of brother, but if you will remember from 2 years ago blogabout, we just met him! Kelly and I both agree that its nice to have a big brother. I am in hopes of snapping a few this week for ya! It just occured to me that I didnt post a pic yesterday, Nor did I do a Marvelous Monday... bad blog girl:( .
I better move my butt.. I am putting on a pork roast for some Carnitas with Arbol chili.... and need to google the airport! BB soon.

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Anonymous said...

You and that damn clip board... Would you just throw that thing away and just enjoy the minute.... Slave driver is your real name, LOL.... enjoy your time with your siblings

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