Friday, January 22, 2010

Laughter Has Always Been Good Medicine!

My Siblings think I'm nutz. well... okay... but not about this. I trained them all in HA HA yoga while we were all being traumatized by Moms hospital stay. I tried to share with them a simple excercise to promote good spirit health. I DID THIS WITHOUT WINE!

So as you can see dear siblings, I'm NOT making this up! it works!

Long before it had any names, I have been self healing through laughter. Ya wanna quickie cheer up? Put in a comedy movie and LMAO.
No movie available? Make a face and LMAO!! Fake some Ha Ha's! (not to be confused with HO Ho's!)
Come on, it isnt rocket science right? If you are blue, would you grab a bottle of wine and stick in a Michael Bolton CD? Hell no! Not unless you want to dive deep into the PIT of blues.
Many people ask me how I "change the channels" on the videos in my mind. My heart. My broken broken heart...... It is laughter peoples. Sometimes, fake it til u make it.......laughter. Understand, I cannot Always accomplish my goal. Sometimes I go down and I cant get up for awhile. Yep, it happens.
Ahhh, something just occurred to me. I have given that to my crazy kids! Yes! They are all as nutty as I am! When the going gets tough, you can count on one of them to crack you up! One of Jamies favorite Youtubes is that old guy advertising for 6 Flags Theme park. Hysterical laughter we made watching him imitate this guy. He sent me new you tubes everytime they came out and as I watched, we chatted and laughed. I think the most sobersides of all would be Jake. He has his Dad's "prove it to me smile". He does, however, succumb to the laughter after awhile. It just isnt on the tip of his tongue as it is for the rest of us. Even Karens hubby, a total HAHA kinda guy. Now the grands?.. Yep, Aviana cheezz will start the whole HA HA in an instant. Justin too begins to dance like his Uncle and will make everyone laugh.Ok, so I'm all off track now.
I'm going to go laugh about something. Maybe it will stop the rain, or at least make it a tad bit more doable. My last good HAHA was watching "The Hangover". TWICE... LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO

PS: Look what I JUST did I just had my first smiling memory of my sweet baby james, and I didnt fall down crying. Good Lord theres hope for me yet. And YOU PEOPLES were there!! LOLOL
<---nutbar, yes I know....:::walking off shaking my head::::


marilyn said...

Works for me family will pause and
look at me just to be sure I'm laughing.
Keep up the HA, HA yoga it truly is the
best medicine.

Judy Whitehead said...

I think M and I had been married about 3 days when something I said had him laughing his butt off. When he finally quit laughing he said "Yikes I married a crazy lady" and started laughing all over again!

Laughter is the best medicine!

Sharon Dixon said...

Gina, I can relate. My baby sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last week and she and my other siblings and I have been laughing about the craziest things. It really does work.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first smiling memory of Jamie!!!!

That Six Flag man was really funny and yet pathetic at the same time.

Have a good one.

Karen A.

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