Thursday, October 25, 2012

Missing My Grands

I am QUITE certain that this Nonni has the most beautiful grand girls in the whole wide world. Whether on fire for the Giants, or living the gymnastics dream.... beauty never looked so good to me!
Aviana ( top) is a second grade super star who stole my heart years ago and time is a freight train rolling on by!
Jamie (below) took a SILVER medal in her class for gymnastics and is such a sweet girl makes me SWOON! She called to tell me about her lala Loopsy desire for a quilt and I am freaking out looking for fabric for her!
How can I even HAVE a grand THIS age? Justin has entered his teens and peeks over the top of my five foot two head. sad... sad...sad.... He is so full of life and quite the comedian too! Blonde-locks... wow.. His Mamas son eh?
Shawn is a spitfire re make of his Daddy Jake... Such a love.. ( sigh)... I miss holding his hand.

 I am having a difficult time being without these kids on a regular basis. I wonder where the half way point between Boise and Stockton? Maybe I will just google it and GO THERE.
How about a winning lottery ticket and a mini motor home? Throw Ginny in and hit the road... back and forth just getting grand child fixes along the way. Yep... Now theres a plan Stan.

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