Saturday, December 15, 2007

A New Tradition at G's House

In years past Santa has always "outdone" me in the spending dept. This year we discussed how we need a new tradition. We agreed that from 2007 on, we will purchase a trip for ourselves, and wrap the tickets:) It has been difficult to say the least, not to shop for him because I know the little things he has been whining about. But I have stuck to it, because we both want so much to travel. Theres a pretty box, thin and small stuck into the branches of our tree to keep reminding me to be good. The box hold tickets to Maui, for a week to celebrate Valentines day, and I am tickled pink! We will be travelling with our good friends Heather & Kim who so graciously invited us to their condo. I cant wait til we begin discussion on next years trip!!
Here's the bummer.... he is sooo fun at Christmas, I will miss that part! Last year there were several boxes for me to unwrap, and he said Gina.... We are going to play Deal Or No Deal. I had to choose, and keep choosing and this went on and on until all the kids and I were squealing like pigs! I passed on a beautiful Whale pendent, a watch, a flip flop diamond pendent.......I went to the end, last box, no more deals, and there sat the most beautiful pair of diamond studs, and I made the right deal! ( all of the others had to be returned to the store. A real tease this man is.. but a great Santa!
Now why am I telling you this? Well, I suppose because I really love traditions, and encourage my grown kids to make things happen in their new families, and also because I am pleased that tomorrow begins a very fond tradition of ours. Tamale Time, which you have read I am sure. My family will arrive afternoon, and I am soooo not ready, but I will be? I have many pots ready, tools and towels and aprons.. ( I should have made us some cute ones eh?) I just bought 40 pounds of pork roast, and there are tubs all over for soaking Oja's. I'm getting excited!! I have Vince Gill's Christmas music all programmed in so Mom can groan over it ( she calls him a whiner). I have snacks and yummy coffees for me & Sis. I am not finished with my customer quilts, and frankly, I dont know when I will be? But I'm still giving it hell over here ( sucking down coffee as we speak). So, for the next several days I will be in and out and hope to share some pics of our mess with you.
Tradition!!! TRADITON! ( sang in my best Zero Mostel voice, while stomping my foot!)


Freda said...

Wow, Gina, Maui, that is so awesome. I'm envious! Just kidding, I'm glad for you. Hope you have a blast at Tamale Time.

Vicki W said...

Happy Tamale Gina!

Mary said...

I love to travel although the deal or no deal game sounds fun too.

Our big trip in 2008 will be an Alaskan cruise and we're taking the kids too but I'm also hoping to tag along on a business trip to Copenhagen and Paris.

Anonymous said...

enjoy! hugs to Ma and Sis for me, wish I was there with you, helping, and as always Pointing.
LU, B.

Deb said...

Sounds like such fun! But Maui will be fun too :)

Have a wonderful Tamale time! Be sure to include the smells with the pics...yum.

Oh...I dyed the fabric for your quilt today...just thought I'd throw in that teaser!

DearGina said...

WAIT WHAT? WHAT? Deb said MY quilt??? Omg i gotta go tell ma....BBL!

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