Monday, December 17, 2007

MM-Tamale Time Day One

And What A Marvelous Monday it is!! Guess you know the gratuities this week eh?

And you thought cutting tables was for fabric did ya? Well, I gotta tell ya, there isnt any room left in the house, we needed to wonder out here into the shop! lol I think we scared Walt.. he is hiding somewhere in the house watching football? Im not happy that this pic came out blurry, cause there was but one:( But I guess Ill take it.

40 pounds of masa all prepared and ready to manipulate:)

40 Pounds of Pork roast, cooked, shredded, de-fated.

2 tubs of Hojas soaking in hot water ( that was a challenge being our kitchen faucet decided to die this morning and Walt had to install a new one!

we are tired, yet energized, havent solved any problems yet. Too busy dishing the Just know this.. If you arent here, you're getting discussed!
Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!

* For Handy dandy hubbies who can install really cool faucets with squirters that reach across the room! LOL
*For Tamale time with family
*For 1004 MP3 Files to listen to!
*For morning Fog Lifter coffee
*For Happy customers who make me smile:)
*For Chritmas pics of my babies cause I cant be there to sit with santa too
*For recipe memory, thank God menopause hasnt stolen that too!


Anonymous said...

loving this :) tell Ma next year I am coming to play with her.

Deb said...

Looks like a grand time! Enjoy.

Jan Thompson said...

Wow - this looks like quite the project, but I am sure they will be worth it. Enjoy this time with your mom! Hoping for more pics tomorrow!

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