Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Visiting Photos

Pappa and Aviana dying the eggs together....the goal was to make Pappas shirt:) Shawns first birthday cake... He didnt get to demolish the curious George cake.. and I forgot to take a pic of his funky monkey quilt!!!

Shawn and Jackson motoring around the property... looking at this gives me pause... ok, fear.

Shawn's walking now..... lookout! dang he is so smoochy cute:)

Daniel having fun with Easter basket

Grocery shopping with Dad.... Oh Man..... He cant hear a darn thing, so the entire store was regalled with his grocery list to Gina.Then.................he had his motor full speed seemingly chasing me around the store! I was busy filling my own cart and trying to hide?

I made it home in time for a sunset with Walt, with 30 minutes to spare for a good cuppa coffee and American Idol... I was just thrilled with a few of the contestants, especially David Cooks rendition of Billy jean.. did you see it?

As I said yesterday... something changed... I felt stronger. Sad, but less empty... is that even possible? I took a few pics at the cemetary, but I cannot look at them yet. I guess I missed alot of family pics... I need to strap that camera to my hip!
The air that I breath....thinner, but still here.


Desert Threads said...

Loved seeing Walt getting in the thick of things with the kids!!
Beautiful sunset!!!

Vicki W said...

I love all of your Easter pictures! Your Dad looks like he could be a terror. LOL! I'm also an Idol addict and David Cook was amazing this week.

Freda said...

Very nice Easter pix and Shawn is "smoochy cute." The sunset is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Too funny with Walt's shirt and Dad's skooter abilities! Love the sunset. David Cook, in my opinion, will be the winner...followed by Carly, David A. and then Michael. There it is my prediction in print for all to see! LOL

Have a good one, G!

Karen A.

Def59 said...

Love the pics Gina, you have a beautiful family. The sunset is gorgous. it's almost serene.
Love Di

Erin said...

Love all the pics and your grandchildren are adorable! The sunsets are gorgeous as well as the valley with the breathtaking flowers! Here in NH we still have snow! I pray for you will be alright..hugs..Erin

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