Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Remoting Myself

I have an automatic remote control button on board these days. I change the channels often.. sometimes I have to run through 900 channels, before stopping on a good one. A Positive one. Its amazing what the mind can do, good and bad. It's amazing how the body reacts TO this awesome mind work. I cannot believe the pain one can experience internally.

This channel changing seems to work well most times... until you try to sleep. Then throw all control out the proverbial window... cause I am SO NOT IN CONTROL OF THE REMOTE ANYMORE. Ok... zzzzzit.. changing now.

This week end, I remoted ALOT. My daughter and family came down to check on me. Helped around the house, and kept me changing channels. I tried very hard to quilt a funky monkey for my grandsons first birthday. I loaded the back, it was too small.. How did this happen? I unpinned and pieced together backing borders, and its over there waiting for a reload. His birthday is Friday... GRUNT. So we went shopping... a little retail therapy. Before I knew it, 3 hours had passed, and my cart was full. I had grand kid clothes parties for 3 solid hours... I decided, this was a good thing... I need more money to do this more often. OH.. that would require me going to work right? K.... sheesh....I'll make another list. Do you know Ive made list daily and I just look at them? I'm just lost me thinks. Just lost.

Nothing can change a channel like Aviana can. She is a high maintenance almost 3 year old. She wants what she wants... ( her saying, not mine). She usually wants..............all ya got. And the heart of life, is good:)

Heres a pic to leave you with, I'm off to make a list, and actually implement said list, as I have a real live customer scheduled in today. I decided that if I complete just HALF of the list, I will reward myself with a long overdue manicure, as my pretty nails resemble Cruella De Ville these days.... Ewwwwwww

Keep praying, and OMGoodness, thank you for those prayers, calls, cards, and lil "i'm thinking of u gifts.... I dont know HOW I'm getting through this, but you sure help:)
Blima, just seeing your writing, felt so good for a minute... Karen A, u made me smile, Heather, I had a wave of comfort flood me when I heard your voice. Tracye... cherished:) Thank you Jane, Diane, for your perfect timing "thwart off a full on meltdown" calls.... Everyone, so many thanks.. I never knew how much I need others love n care. And my Walt sends thanks too, for helping Him:::wink:::


Anonymous said...

Gina, I just wish that each of us could take a little piece of your hurt and hold it away from you. We love you.


Smiles! Becca said...

your little Aviana is sooooo adorable! I have to agree with her too! (((((big hugs)))) to you. Your in my thoughts every day.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Aviana is adorable!!! It looks like a professional posed her! How sweet. I love the idea of using a remote to help with your mood. I'll have to try that on those "down" days. Instead of just treating yourslef to a manicure why don't you add a pedicure in there too? Pedicures are so relaxing and revigorating all at the same time. Then go home and take a long hot soaking bubble bath. Congratulate yourself for one more successful day!!

Anonymous said...

Oooopppssss...that last comment was from me!!! LOL....time to change channels....BeckyP

Deb said...

changing channels...good that you can at least change back and forth. better than stuck in one, I guess. Anyway, Aviana is a beauty...watch out for her in a few years...LOL!

Manicure?? What the hell, go for that, the pedicure AND the full body massage!

Seriously, you are in my heart and thoughts all the time :)

Desert Threads said...

See....I knew you could do it!!!
I was afraid I would have to call in sick to jury duty (I'm first alternate!!) and come down and whip up on ya!

Anonymous said...

Looking for the channel of answers, of comfort, feeling lost in time, not wanting to know what tomorrow holds,because what we want is not there. Glad you are surrounded by those you love... Do something for yourself, you deserve a rewarding smile.. Love ya... Ronda

Lynn Douglass said...

Gina, there's not a day that you don't cross my mind and enter my prayers. You are so very cared for. One step at a time, no matter how tiny. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs.

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